FAQ: How to Use the ADP Site

  • Tim Hawkinson, Pia Gottschaller, Carol Mancusi-Ungaro

    Carol Mancusi-Ungaro and Pia Gottschaller interview Tim Hawkinson at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

    Q: What is the difference between “Standard Version” and “Enhanced/Rich Media Version”?
    A: All ADP interviews are presented in two formats: 1. Standard – streaming video and downloadable, PDF transcripts and subject indices; and 2. Enhanced/Rich Media – Transcripts, subject indices, and other research aids presented in a synchronized video format (using Glifos Social Media software) for easier navigation and the ability to mark and share segments of interest. Additionally, because each interview is divided into subject-specific clips, and each clip is tagged with relevant keywords, researchers can search within an interview by name or keyword (e.g., “varnish” or “Castelli”) or across the full collection.

  • Q: How do I gain access to ADP interviews?
    A: The bulk of the collection has been digitized and made available on this site. You will need to register in order to gain access. Your password will be emailed to you.
  • Q: I registered, but I have not received my password.
    A: Occasionally, an emailed password gets lost in the ether. If that happens, click “Lost Password” on the registration page, and you will be prompted to reset your password.
  • Q: How do I obtain a copy of an ADP interview? May I use a video clip or transcript segment from an ADP interview in my published research?
    A: The ADP Archive allows only certain permitted uses of its content. To make a request, please tell us more about your project, using our contact form.
  • Q: I cannot get a video to load. What should I do?
    A: If you encounter technical difficulties with video streaming on our site, we are happy to assist you. Please tell us more about your problem, using our contact form.

The Artists Documentation Program (ADP) interviews artists and their close associates in order to gain a better understanding of their materials, working techniques, and intent for conservation of their works. All interviews are conducted by conservators in a museum or studio setting.

The Artists Documentation Program has been generously supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.