Tim Hawkinson, Pia Gottschaller, and Carol Mancusi-Ungaro

Carol Mancusi-Ungaro and Pia Gottschaller interview Tim Hawkinson at the Whitney Museum of American Art

  • Q: I have watched an interview with an artist I am interested in, but I did not find the information I was looking for.  How can I learn more?
    A: Researchers of all kinds are welcome to visit the ADP Archive at The Menil Collection in Houston, TX, or to contact the ADP Archivist with their questions.  

  • Q: I have heard about an ADP interview that was conducted with an artist I am researching, but I do not see the interview on the site.  Where is it?
    A: The ADP Archive conducts and processes a handful of interviews every year - often, processing an interview takes several months before it is ready for upload.  Additionally, a few interviews have been removed from the Archive permanently at the request of artists.  If the interview you are searching for was conducted in the current calendar year, it is likely still being processed; if older, please feel free to contact us for more information.  

  • Q: How do I obtain a copy of an ADP interview? May I use a video clip or transcript segment from an ADP interview in my published research?
    A: The ADP Archive allows only certain permitted uses of its content. To make a request, please contact us via email at adparchive@menil.org

  • Q: I like the ADP format, but do not see an artist I would like to know more about.  Can I suggest an interview subject to the ADP?
    A: While ADP interviews are designed primarily to support the conservation work at ADP partner institutions, we are always interested in hearing what researchers would like to see.  If you have a suggestion for a potential artist interview, please contact us.

  • Q: There appears to be an error or bug with a part of the ADP website.  Who should I contact?
    A: Please report all bugs and errors to us via email at adparchive@menil.org

The Artists Documentation Program (ADP) interviews artists and their close associates in order to gain a better understanding of their materials, working techniques, and intent for conservation of their works. All interviews are conducted by conservators in a museum or studio setting.

Generous support for the Artist Documentation Program and partnership is provided by Nadia Zilkha and the Vivian L. Smith Foundation. Initial funding for the program was provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (1990-2021).